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Upper Rock Nature Reserve

The Upper Rock Nature Reserve in Gibraltar is special for its unique and diverse range of flora and fauna. Despite its small size, the reserve boasts an impressive array of plants and trees. Visitors can encounter various species of Mediterranean trees, and many kinds of plants and wildflowers. Gibraltar Upper Rock Nature Reserve is also a sanctuary for numerous animal species, serving as a vital stopover point for around 250,000 migratory birds, mainly birds of prey, making it a prime location for birdwatching.

The Upper Rock Nature Reserve Gibraltar Attraction, is also home to the famous Barbary macaques, Europe’s only wild monkey population, which roam freely and provide an exciting wildlife encounter for visitors.

From the Upper Rock diverse viewpoints, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding Mediterranean Sea, Spain, African Coastal Mountains and the Strait of Gibraltar. The Gibraltar Nature Reserve also features stunning limestone formation, of which the Rock of Gibraltar itself is made of, and is home to many Gibraltar Attractions open all year round to all visitors and locals alike, which are of a rich historical and cultural significance.

Some of these Gibraltar Attraction sights include St. Michael’s Cave, The Great Siege Tunnels, together with some military fortifications, and others providing a fascinating glimpse into Gibraltar’s rich heritage, ancient caves and remnants of past civilizations.

Overall, the Upper Rock Nature Reserve in Gibraltar is a combination of a unique biodiversity, wildlife, stunning views, and testament to the rich historical importance of the History of the Rock of Gibraltar, making this place a truly special and must-see thing to do in Gibraltar.

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