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St. Michaels Cave

St. Michael’s Cave is a beautiful, prehistoric cave formed over millions of years, becoming a natural wonder with its stunning formations and rich history that has captivated visitors for many decades. The cave consists of a main cave called ‘Leonora’ and a lower cave simply called ‘Lower St. Michael’s’. The cave consists of a labyrinth of natural passageways and smaller caverns. The cave has had many uses in the past. It is believed the cave was the home of the Neanderthal man and recently a cave painting found is indicative of primitive life.

Later on it was used by the British forces during the Great Siege of Gibraltar as a shelter and refuge from the enemy’s bombardments. Also during the second World War, St. Michael’s Cave was used as storage for military ammunition and as an emergency hospital for the war’s casualties.

One of the most striking features of St. Michael’s Cave is its remarkable collection of stalactites and stalagmites. These mineral formations hang from the ceiling or rise from the floor, creating a surreal and mesmerising environment. The stalactites and stalagmites are formed by countless water droplets full of minerals that accumulate throughout time, calcifying and solidifying into rock as time goes by.

The new recent lighting show called “The Awakening” within St. Michael’s Cave, enhances its natural beauty, with strategically placed spotlights illuminating the formations, creating a dramatic and theatrical atmosphere, illuminating sculptures older than time, taking you on a live journey through the History of the Rock of Gibraltar.

Apart from the touristic guided tours for foreign visitors, St. Michael’s Cave serves as a venue for other different events and shows throughout the year. The remarkable acoustics of the cave have gained widespread reputation, making it a favoured choice for concerts, theatrical productions, and other gatherings. Attending such events will add another dimension to your experience while exploring the captivating Rock of Gibraltar.

GTA Tours guides are knowledgeable about the history and geology of the cave and will provide you with an interesting and informative commentary throughout their various tour packages. This Gibraltar Attraction is included in the list of things to see in one day on all our Tour packages available; the Panoramic Tour of Gibraltar, Standard Tour of Gibraltar package, the Extended Tour of Gibraltar package and the Open Tour of Gibraltar package.

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