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In 2018 the Gibraltar Skywalk was inaugurated to the public and is situated at the top of the Upper Rock Gibraltar Nature Reserve in the midst of a biodiverse habitat which is home to a variety of plants and animal life. This incredible Gibraltar attraction is a glass-bottomed platform that juts out from the top of the iconic Rock of Gibraltar, at a breathtaking height of over 400m above sea level, offering visitors unique stunning 360 degrees view of the Mediterranean Sea, the Spanish coast, the African Mountains and the Strait of Gibraltar.

The Gibraltar Skywalk Gibraltar attraction stands out for its distinctive design, which draws inspiration from the natural surroundings of the Rock. Its design consists of four triangular sections arranged in a diamond shape mirroring the shape of the Rock of Gibraltar. The glass panels are skillfully tinted to imitate the colour of the Rock itself, reflecting the dynamic tones of the sky and sea throughout the day.

Since its opening, the Skywalk has quickly gained popularity among tourists from all parts of the world. It offers an exhilarating experience for those daring enough to venture onto the glass platform and gaze down at the dizzying heights below. However, the significance of the Skywalk extends beyond its appeal as a tourist attraction, serving also as a vital component of Gibraltar’s commitment to sustainable tourism and the preservation of the Rock’s natural environment by minimising its ecological impact on the Upper Rock Nature Reserve of Gibraltar with minimal use of concrete.

The Skywalk is one of those things that you need to do when visiting Gibraltar. Since the access by car is restricted to permit holders only, GTA Tours will be able to take you all the way to the exact entrance of this Gibraltar Attraction, making it very accessible to people with mobility issues or physical limitations.

The Gibraltar Skywalk Gibraltar Attraction is included in most of GTA’s Tour packages, such as the Gibraltar Panoramic Rock Tour package, the Gibraltar Standard Rock Tour package, the Gibraltar Standard Rock Tour package, the Gibraltar Open Rock Tour package or with the Customised Rock Tour packages. For more information on how to visit this attraction,get in contact with our GTA Team and we will provide you with all the information you need.

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