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Great Siege Tunnels

During the late 18th century, around the 24th June 1779 to the 7th February 1783, Gibraltar suffered a Great Siege, with Spanish and French forces attempting to conquer the British-held territory, known as the Rock of Gibraltar, but to Gibraltars advantage, this attack turned out to be unsuccessful for the enemies.

In response, the British military constructed the Great Siege Tunnels, which consists of a system of strategic tunnels carved out of limestone rock, built by the forefathers of the Royal Engineers, with the use of sledgehammers, crowbars, and controlled gunpowder explosions, showcasing impressive feats of physical strength and engineering process.

The British soldiers manually excavated the tunnels, with the aim of transferring a cannon to a ledge, located at a blind angle needing military coverage situated on the north-east side of the Rock of Gibraltar, known as the “The Notch” in order to destroy the Spanish fortifications as and when they were built, playing a vital role in defending Gibraltar during the Great Siege of Gibraltar. As visitors venture into the depths of the tunnel reaching to this vantage point, visitors will be able to see beautiful panoramic views and appreciate the efforts of our ancestors.

The Great Siege Tunnels not only holds historical importance but also serves as a reminder of the strategic significance of Gibraltar throughout the centuries. Today, visitors can explore these tunnels, gaining insight into the challenges faced by both defenders and attackers during the Great Siege, as it remains as a testament to the resilience and ingenuity of those involved in the defence of Gibraltar and offering visitors a glimpse into the history of this significant military Gibraltar Attraction.

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