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360 Round the Rock

The Rock of Gibraltar is a unique and iconic destination that blends history, nature, and stunning views. Be prepared to embark on a memorable tour around this British Overseas Territory, located at the southern tip of the Iberian Peninsula. You will be able to explore the limestone formations, the military underground tunnels that secretly hide in the heart of the Rock of Gibraltar, as well as have an encounter with the unique Gibraltar Monkeys known as the Barbary Macaques of Gibraltar. This tour is recommended to everyone that visits Gibraltar on Cruise Liners, by plane or simply by crossing the frontier in their own car or by foot.

Departure point will most likely be the frontier or Casemates square in town, taking you on a journey or as locals call it “take you on a spin” around the Rock. Going for a spin is a common thing to do amongst our locals when there is nothing else to do and they just need to get out of the house and enjoy the different viewpoints of the majestic Rock of Gibraltar.

As you drive up along the North west roads towards the South, where the sun is sure to shine, you will drive along a series of luxury buildings that were built on reclaimed land from the sea and beautiful marinas facing the bay of Gibraltar.

As you reach the South side of the Rock of Gibraltar, you will be able to see what locals call “El Quarry” also known as Camp Bay and Little Bay. This place is a cement beach with salt water artificial swimming pools where locals sunbathe during the summer season, constructed between 1894 and 1906 as a result of the rubble filling material from the various constructions of the dockyards in Gibraltar.

After this you will cross a tunnel carved within the Rock that comes out at the southernmost point, known as Europa Point. Here, you’ll find the Trinity Lighthouse, a historic beacon that has guided ships for over 150 years. Take a moment to admire the panoramic views of the Strait of Gibraltar, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea. On a clear day, you may see the African Mountains and even catch a glimpse of their coastline.

As you leave Europa point behind you and make your way up round to the eastside, passing by the crematorium and cliff sides of the southeast side of the Rock, you will head into Dudley Ward Tunnel that stretches up to 800m across limestone underground rock leading to the east side of the Rock.

On the east side, you will enjoy the picturesque beaches in Gibraltar like Sandy Bay which was replenished with Sahara Desert Sand to make it bigger and more attractive to both locals and visitors. To your left you will be able to see the old water catchments that were used as the main recollection of water to supply the local people of Gibraltar. Today it only serves as history and a main nesting place for many bird species that live in Gibraltar’s natural habitat, and a crucial stopping point for many migratory birds. Followed by this you may visit Catalan bay, a colourful fishing village called by locals “La Caleta” .

Take a moment to book a GTA Open Tour of Gibraltar for an opportunity to see and reflect on the beauty and history of the Rock of Gibraltar. Its strategic location, natural wonders, and rich heritage make it a captivating destination. Whether it’s the stunning views, or the fascinating historical sites, the Rock of Gibraltar is sure to leave a lasting impression on every visitor.

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