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100 Ton Gun

The 100 Ton Gun is one of the four built in 1870 and is one of the only two remaining in the world. The other is in Malta. A muzzle loading gun with a rifled tube and a rigid mount that required a crew of 35 men including 18 men to handle the ammunition, taking various hours to heat up the water for the hydraulic system. The 100 Ton Gun is a totally unique Gibraltar Attraction that gives you a close sense of the power of the military era in Gibraltar.

The 100-ton gun in Gibraltar is a historical artillery piece that was installed by the British Army in the late 19th century. It was part of a system of coastal defences that was built to protect the British Empire’s naval base and shipping lanes in the Mediterranean.

The 100-ton gun Gibraltar Attraction, which is also known as the Armstrong 100-ton gun, was designed and manufactured by the British engineer Sir W C Armstrong in the 1870s. It was a massive weapon, measuring around 33 feet long (11m) in length and weighing approximately 103 tons. When the gun was designed, it was built to fire 1,800-pound shells with a range of over 8 miles (12km), with a speed of 1500 feet (450m) per second, making it a formidable weapon for its time.

One of the first Batteries built to mount this impressive 100-Ton Gun was Napier of Magdala Battery by Rosia Bay, where visitors can still see it in its original form. It serves as a reminder of Gibraltar’s strategic importance and its long and storied history as a military stronghold.

GTA Gibraltar Tours recommends a visit to this Gibraltar Attraction due to its historical significance in the history of Gibraltar’s military involvement. If you are looking for things to do in Gibraltar, this is one must see attraction, where not only will you encounter its impressive dimensions and military engineering, but you will also be able to enjoy breathtaking views of the bay of Gibraltar from a strategic point of view.

The 100-ton gun Gibraltar Attraction is among the very popular things to do in Gibraltar and is included in the Extended Tour of Gibraltar package and the Open Tour of Gibraltar Package available with GTA Tours of Gibraltar.

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