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Walking in the air over Gibraltar

9 January 2017

With the exuberance of New Year celebrations paling into the realism that is January, many of us are ready to take up some form of physical activity, if only to counteract all those extra calories consumed during the festive season. For most of us, January means going back to the grind while at the same time taking on the challenge of New Year Resolutions to lose weight and get fit, which can be tough.

But the best way to beat off those January blues is to enjoy the wonderful sights that Gibraltar has to offer while taking in some fresh air and plenty of physical activity. January in Gibraltar often comes with crisp, clear weather, fresh, sunny and mild enough to enjoy the outdoors. For many visitors a private tour to the Upper Rock is a perfect way to benefit from being outdoors while also taking advantage of visiting some of the unique, historical sites Gibraltar has to offer.

For the more adventurous tourist, an excursion to the Pillars of Hercules could mean the start of a brisk walk into the Upper Rock Nature Reserve, and the chance to stretch out those legs on a Mediterranean Steps Walk. Carved into the south and eastern sides of the Rock, the Mediterranean Steps are a challenging way of reaching the summit, but, surrounded by the glorious flora of the Rock and treated to the spectacular views over the Straits towards the mountains of Morocco, the walk can be uplifting as well as energizing.

For the fearless, there is the new Windsor Bridge to negotiate, Gibraltar’s first suspension bridge. Opened during 2016, the Windsor Bridge spans 71 metres across a 50 metre deep gorge, linking two Batteries. Walking across it is like walking in the air and the views are no less than incredible. Around the bridge, old footpaths and key heritage sites have been cleared of undergrowth and opened for visitors to explore. A breathtaking addition to a tour of Gibraltar’s nature and heritage, and a wonderful way to shake off those winter cobwebs.

To round off a good day of shrugging off the January doldrums in the Nature Reserve, tourists can enjoy even extra discounts on their duty-free shopping from the traditional January sales in the Main Street stores. And to put the final finish on a great day of touring Gibraltar’s open spaces, a meal in one of Gibraltar’s many restaurants and a comfortable stay in one of Gibraltar’s delightful hotels. In Gibraltar, it can’t be said that January’s dull!

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