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Summer fun in Gibraltar

30 May 2017

We all look forward to long summer evenings, preferably close to the sea.  The additional hours of sunshine, the fine weather, the sense of ease and relaxation that summer brings increases our energy levels and overall wellbeing. Gibraltar is the ideal place to use up some of that extra energy.

Not only is the Rock perfectly placed at the tip of Spain, thrusting out into the edge of the Mediterranean and surrounded by stunning views, but it is blessed with wonderful, warm summer evenings.  For tourists who come to stay for a few days or more, Gibraltar’s beaches are fun and friendly places to enjoy days out in the sunshine. 

Catalan Bay, for example, is lined with café’s and beach bars and is home to some fine, seafood restaurants: dining at the foot of an iconic mountain and on the edge of the sea is a perfect end to a day of sight-seeing and tours of Gibraltar’s historic sites. 

The neighbouring Sandy Bay benefits from a safe bathing area and a long stretch of sand, all at the fringes of one of Europe’s most important nature reserves.  For the more energetic holidaymakers, Sandy Bay is also a base for Gibraltar’s keen stand-up paddle enthusiasts, with lessons available as well as outings right round the Rock for the more experienced.

Camp Bay is another picturesque cove with a beach and also two swimming pools and a play area for children.  An excellent restaurant adds to the sea-side facilities.  With the rocky cliffs in the background, and overlooked by an old British fortress, Parson’s Lodge Battery, this southerly beach is popular with sun-lovers.  It is also home to an artificial reef, created some years ago by environmental activists concerned at the depletion of marine life.  Since then, the reef has grown into a haven for marine life.

The many tourists that are welcomed to Gibraltar throughout the year can take advantage not only of our beaches and impressive coastline; those who linger after taking tours of the Upper Rock, the caves and galleries and the historic sites can also enjoy the many events that make the Rock one of the liveliest destinations in the southern Mediterranean. 

This summer visitors to Gibraltar can indulge in the World Music Festival, the  Calentita Food Festival, the Zarzuela, the Festival of Colours, the Electronic Music Festival, the Harley Davidson Festival, and the bi-weekly Summer Nights events – to name just a selection.

Summer Nights events are especially popular in Gibraltar.  Taking place in a number of local public venues such as Casemates Square on two evenings a week, these are free events which include dance acts, magic acts, rock and pop bands and music acts. And then there’s the annual fair in late August and summer is wrapped up with MTV’s Gibraltar Calling, a huge weekend music festival.

Come for a day tour of Gibraltar or come for a longer stay, summer is an explosion of fun on the Rock.

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