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Gibraltar – The Perfect City Break

7 November 2016

Gibraltar is perfectly poised to offer just about everything that a tourist could want from a short city break. Perched at the southern tip of Europe, where visitors can stand in awe by the lighthouse and gaze across the legendary Straits at the brooding Jebel Musa, the second Pillar of Hercules on the very edge of Africa, Gibraltar is also home to superb hotels, an excellent transport network – taxis, buses and even a cable car, and a hugely welcoming people.
Spending just a few days in Gibraltar is an ideal way to disconnect from the bustle of everyday life. Travel here is so easy: Gibraltar International Airport serves several city destinations in UK and is only a three-hour flight away. Visitors travelling by land from Europe can arrive by coach or even cross on foot and we have an excellent cruise ship terminal and yacht marinas for those who like to take a trip by sea. At all these points a modern fleet of taxis stand by ready to escort visitors to their chosen destinations – and there many to choose from.
Our mild weather means that a break can include lots of outdoor activities, from Rock Tours to visit renowned sites such as St Michael’s Cave or the Apes’ Den. In fact, a taxi tour around the rock means that you can see the sites with an experienced and highly knowledgeable guide, and have the flexibility to move onto any other activity you wish.
After a tour, for example, your taxi driver can return you to the hotel for a freshen up and then collect you for a trip to the theatre, or for dinner at one of Gibraltar’s many fine restaurants, chauffer you to the Casino in time for a flutter on the tables, and ensure you are home safe, sound and effortlessly.

Gibraltar’s Main Street appeals to tourists from across the world, it’s quaint buildings teeming with shoppers finding keenly priced VAT-free goods. Designer fashion, high-end electronics, top of the range perfume and cosmetics, and world-class jewellery, to name but a few. Visitors return over again for well-timed bargains as well as to spend a few days enjoying Mediterranean sunshine and spectacular scenery.

But Gibraltar offers so much more than shopping, night life, good food, excellent wine, and intensely beautiful views. Visitors to Gibraltar can relax on its beaches, enjoy stimulating physical activities – dolphin safaris, stand-up paddle excursions to World Heritage Site Gorham’s Cave, laser-tag adventures, a tough climb up the Mediterranean Steps to the top of the Rock – as well as thousands of years of history, visible inside the Rock in its caves and galleries as well as on the outside. Gibraltar’s wildlife attracts scientists and ornithologists – amateur and professional – from across the world, and we stage cultural events to appeal to a huge variety of tastes.

Drama, art, history, commerce, wining and dining, live music, night clubbing and a sparkling, welcoming atmosphere makes Gibraltar the perfect city break destination for tourists. You’ll want to keep coming back!

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