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Christmas dining in Gibraltar

26 November 2019

One of the greatest pleasures of Christmas is getting together with families and friends. Another of the wonderful treats of Christmas is enjoying good food, and maybe some good wine, preferably in good company! And when you can combine all of those and dine out in Gibraltar with your favourite people, then Christmas fun is almost perfect.

In Gibraltar, we are lucky to be spoilt for choice when it comes to dining out with friends and family. There are restaurants to cater for almost any tastes, whether you’re enjoying the festive spirits in a large group or whether you are having a more intimate rendezvous for two in a romantic setting.

In the historic centre of town, nestled in the old city wall, you might find the Kasbar. Visitors strolling through Gibraltar’s labyrinthine passages of the Upper Town after a tour of the Rock might stumble across this award-winning restaurant, praised for its delightful vegan and vegetarian menu as well as for the sensitive restoration of the location. It is a bar/café full of atmosphere, blending history and local creative flourishes. It is artsy and bohemian, its food wonderfully cooked, wholesome and natural. The Kasbar is known for its art events, poetry recitals, music evenings and much more. If the locals love it, so do those tourists who make regular stops in Gibraltar in their travels and frequent its cool, rustic interior.

Also in the heart of Gibraltar’s old City Centre, in Irish Town, just metres away from the bustle of Main Street and its vibrant shops, sits the Curry and Sushi restaurant. Serving an eclectic mix of Indian and Japanese cuisine, this restaurant is hugely popular among local clientele and the many tourists who visit Gibraltar in December to take advantage of the duty-free Christmas offerings in Main Street. A welcome break from sight-seeing and shopping to refuel with a superb lunch, or for a pleasant supper in the cheerful atmosphere of the City Centre at Christmas, Curry and Sushi is the ideal restaurant for those who enjoy a variety of tastes, good food and great service.

These are just two of the many excellent restaurants in Gibraltar. If your visit lingers for more than a day or two, then book a taxi to pick you up from your hotel and venture out to explore and enjoy a different cuisine every night.

Of course, many visitors to Gibraltar might prefer to dine by the sea. It is simply an unmissable part of Mediterranean coastal life, even in the middle of December. Thanks to Gibraltar’s generally mild climate and our skilled restaurateurs’ hospitality, most of our marina-based restaurants offer wonderful meals outdoors overlooking the Bay, in the luxurious surroundings of Queensway Quay or the in festive atmosphere of Ocean Village.

Then again, many visitors to Gibraltar, especially those here for just a day or two, might want to try to combine some of the best sight-seeing in the Mediterranean with an enjoyable dining experience. This, of course, is perfectly possible right at the top of the iconic Rock of Gibraltar. With the best views for miles around, the Top of the Rock café provides a whole dining experience, not just a meal. As does Bistro Point, a restaurant at Europa Point, one of the southernmost tips of Europe, where you can enjoy a gorgeous meal looking out to the Strait of Gibraltar and the mountains of North Africa – breathtaking.

Food, wine, festive fun – these all come together in Gibraltar, for a perfect Christmas!

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